PureLUXE Citi-Style Comfort Harness

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Be ready for any adventure with the PureLuxe Premium Comfort Harness. Tough enough for a mountain trail or the busiest city streets, but yet comfortable enough for your everyday use, this harness performs flawlessly in any situation. Our Premium harnesses are made from heavy duty nylon webbing, metal clasp and D-rings with premium neoprene lining for maximum comfort.  Additional neoprene lined handle on top of the harness gives you complete control when needed.  Easy to use and comfortable for your dog for all day long use.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for an active dog that likes to go hiking, running or walking as well as working great as a daily harness.
  • Made with Heavy duty nylon webbing, metal clasp for complete peace of mind and premium neoprene for ultimate comfort.
  • Designed with a wide and padded chest plate offers greater comfort for your dog.
  • Our neoprene lined back handle enables you to keep your dog safe in any situation
  • Four adjustment points provide an accurate fit, and chest and back leash attachments give you options.
  • Weather-resistant, durable material is strong enough to endure years of repeated stress from active dogs 


  1. With D-Ring on top (facing closest to your dog’s tail), and buckle unfastened, place pet’s head through loop.
  2. Insert leg through closed strap shoulder opening.
  3. Bring free strap behind other leg and snap buckle together.
  4. Use slide adjustments on either side for final fit.

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