Boarding FAQ's

Boarding FAQs 101:

What are the requirements to Board my dog?
• All dogs must be current on their vaccinations, rabies and Bordetella.
• Complete medical records of all vaccinations and past or future planned surgeries. All dogs must past a Temperament Test and Interview. We also must have a credit card on file.

What is the Temperament Test?
• The dog is with us for around 4 or more hours. Their interaction with Staff and other Dogs is observed. Dogs are crated at times to see how they handle being in a confined space. Outside play and Inside play is observed.

What happens if my dog Passes or Fails the Temperament Test?
• If your dog passes they may continue to play all day to be picked up after 5:00pm. If the dog fails they are crated and you are text/called to come pick up your dog.

What does Off-Leash mean?
• Mainly, this means dogs are only crated at night, nap time or time out. Other than that, they are socializing in a pack or like peers with similar temperaments.

What should I Bring for my Dogs Stay?
• If you have a diet you prefer to feed please bring that. You may bring your own bed or mat. Toys are not a good idea, but an old tee-shirt is always welcomed.

What happens if my dog gets Sick or Injured?
• All dogs must have an emergency in-town contact who is prepared to pick up your dog and arrange veterinarian care. First, we contact the Pet Parent for instructions. In emergencies we have a few plans in place in finding a 24-hour veterinarian.

What happens if my Checkout is Delayed?
• Give us a call, we usually can make the necessary changes to accommodate your travel plans.

Is someone with the dogs Overnight?
• We do not provide after hour supervision, so dogs are without Staff during the night. If you feel your dog needs this type of supervision we recommend a pet sitter in your home.

What happens if my pet gets Dirty?
• We will alert you for permission to bathe your pet, and add the charges to your stay.

Do you offer Discounts?
• Yes, we have boarding packages. Please look them over on our web page. If you have any questions let us know.

What time is Check-In and Check-Out?
• Dogs may check-in at any time after 9:00 am and check-out is 2:00 pm.

What happens if I Overstay the Check-Out time?
• Unless your dog is having grooming services, you will be charged another night’s stay.

How can I Check-Up on my dog?
• We have cameras online for you to view during our business hours. You also can text us for a daily report.

Do you offer Veterinarian Care?
• We are not veterinarians and do not have a veterinarian on staff. We do have several veterinarians nearby should they be needed.

Do you Provide Medications?
• We can only administer oral medications. There is a daily fee providing oral medications.

Do you Provide Food?
• Food is provided, it changes often but usually is a grain-free whitefish diet. You are welcome to bring your dog’s own food for feeding. There is a daily fee for feeding your pets own food.