FAQ Grooming and Bathing 
What is included in my pets Bathing only Service (no haircut)? 
A basic bathing service (no haircut) includes: a full coat brush out, shampoo/conditioner, nail trimming, ears cleaned, teeth brushing/spray, hand fluff drying, cologne, bow or bandanna. 
What is included in my pets Haircut Service 
All of the services included with our Bathing Service, plus haircut on the body. 
What is a Mini Groom? 
A Bathing Service with the add on of a Face, Feet and Tail Trimming. 
Does my Groomer do all the work with my pet? 
The pet visits several stations within the grooming area to have different things done, by different staff. All of which is overseen by the Groomer assigned. 
For a Bathing Service who does the work? 
The Bathers are assigned to bathing only services that do not require any haircutting on the body. For Mini Grooms, a Groomer will step in to complete the process should the Bather not be skilled to perform the service. 
How long does a typical service take? 
We default to four hours to adequately service most pets, those with thicker longer coats require more time. 
Why does it take so long to finish my pets service? 
We work at the speed and comfort of the pet. We do try to accommodate Pet Parents schedule, but in our line of work the Pet comes first.  
What is an express service? 
By appointment, we guarantee your pet is put straight through the spa and out under four hours. A fee is charged extra for this. 
Will my pet be around other animals? 
Our Grooming area has several Groomers Stations where pets are visible to other pets. As pets walk with Staff they can be close to other pets. If your pet has a temper, let our staff know. 
Will my pet be tethered and what method do your use? 
For the safety of all pets we do tether pets for control while in a tub or on a table, we use an inverted noose that goes over the head and under one front leg. We also have the ability to double body noose larger breeds. We never noose around a pet’s neck area. 
Can I stay with my Pet? 
Usually this isn’t a great idea, since the Groomer or Bather will need the full attention of your pet. If you are there, your pet will want to be with you. However, speak with your Groomer to see what they think. 
How will I know when my Pet will be finished? 
The Front Staff is told by the Groomer when your Pet is finished and ready for pick up, they will text or call you. 
Can I get updates or check in on my Pet? 
Yes, usually by texting is best. Any time taken from the Groomer or Bathers only delays the finish time. 
How will you determine what Shampoos to use on my Pet? 
Each Pet is unique in their skin care needs. We have all types of different Shampoos. When you meet with your Groomer at Check-in discuss your concerns so they can best identify which Shampoo to use. 
What happens if I don’t like the finished outcome? 
Depending upon what was presented to the Groomer, what is possible and what you were asking for will dictate the end results. If you are unhappy with the outcome, speak with your Groomer so they can gain insight about what you are seeking. They will make notes and update the Pet profile to better meet your needs the next visit. They will also give you tips to help you improve your pets coat so they can get as close to what you are wanting.  
Can my Pet get injured? 
Animals are not statues and can move at a moment’s notice, so nicks or cuts are always possible since the Groomers are using sharp tools. Very rarely do these require a visit to the Vet, but it is always possible. Anytime there is a nick, cut or scrape the Groomer will try to alert you before picking up. 
Do you have First Aid available for my Pet should they get injured? 
We do have the basics of First Aid and will treat your Pet should a minor injury occur. If a Vet visit is needed, your Groomer or Store Manager will speak to you about this. We offer CPR Class Training to Staff and those who are interested and pass the training are certified. 
Does my Pet remain in a Kennel all day? 
Usually the longest a Pet is in a Kennel is waiting on the Pet Parent to pick up. Since they are moving around the Grooming area at different stations, they are not just sitting in a kennel. For those Pets that are Daycare approved, they can play before and after their service. 
Do you take my Pet out for a Break? 
The Pet Parent should let the Groomer know of the Pets need for outside breaks. If requested, it will be accommodated. If Pet Parents are delayed in picking up, we will also give the Pet a break outside. 
Will my Pet have food and water breaks? 
The answer is yes if requested. Again, the pet is moving around to different stations and there is little need for food or water breaks.  
What happens if my Pet has an accident prior to picking up? 
We will usually be able to rinse off the areas if the Grooming has been completed, if it happens more than once there is an additional charge. 
Should I feed my Pet before their Service? 
This is usually fine as long as they have time to eliminate. Your Groomer will thank you in advance. 
Why is my Pets service more than my Haircut? 
The answer is your pet has more hair, has four legs and often times doesn’t listen as well as a human in a hair salon.  
Is Hair Dye Safe? 
Yes! Most if not all are plant base made safe for Pets. 
How often should my Pet return for a Haircut? 
We recommend every four to six weeks. This allows your Groomer to manage the coat and actually style the growth is such a way.