Doggie Daycare FAQ's


How will my Dog be supervised in Doggy Daycare?  

  • TPS likes to keep at minimal two Staff on hand in our play area at all times. In situations when this isn’t possible we would rotate the appropriate ratio of Dogs to Staff between playing and being kenneled.  

What is the ratio of attendant to Dogs? 

  • Typically, Staff has a ratio of 10-1 depending upon sizes, activities or behaviors of a group. 

How many Dogs are allowed in group play and what is boutique Daycare? 

  • Beginning by July 1, 2022 we will be returning to daycare reservations for all Dogs so we can plan adequately for Staff, groups or activities. (during Covid we relaxed this policy since owners were more at home). Typically, around 20-30 per day is a good number. 
  • Boutique Daycare and Boarding refers to smaller groups or the avoidance of mass amount of Dogs in play. 

What is this Doggy Daycare 2.0 I am hearing about? 

  • This will be a new feature beginning sometime in late 2022 where Pet Parents can sign up for smaller group play with one Staff person twice a day. Usually a ratio of 4:1, where Dogs are given more specialized Staff interaction in 30-45-minute activities. 

How can I see my Dog during the day? 

  • TPS has upgraded its camera system so Pet Parents can view their Dog online by cell phone or PC. Instructions are at the Front Counter. 

How long has Daycare been at ThePetSet? 

  • We have offered Daycare since 2001, ThePetSet has been here since 1975. 

Do Staff play and interact with the Dogs in their groups? 

  • Staff need to set themselves up as the Alpha dog, so they do mingle among the Dogs in their group, get to know their group and manage their group. Sometimes they just are there to supervise allowing dogs to be dogs. 

What happens if a Dog becomes aggressive in a group? 

  • Staff are always monitoring their group for changes in behavior. Remembering that each day is different and each group make up changes daily. Should a Dog become aggressive the situation is evaluated with corrective action being taken; time out, move to a different group or smaller group, then future care is reviewed with the Pet Parent.  

Why is my Dog sometimes in a crate? 

  • There could be several reasons; the Dog needs a time out from group play, the Dog needs to rest, Staff ratios, a Pet Parent instruction or it is nap time 12:00pm -1:30pm daily.   

How will I know if Daycare is right for my Dog? 

  • Not all Dogs are a good fit for group play or prefer to not participate in group play. Usually after a few visits most shy Dogs behavior will adjust and they will want to join the pack. 
  • Should a Dog be struggling with group play, our Staff will speak with you as we want the experience to be rewarding. Frequency is the key to a well socialized Dog.  

How are Staff trained in the care and safety of Dogs? 

  • Staff Education is ongoing and hands on. One of the first requirements is Pet CPR and Pet First Aid.  

Are your outside fence areas secure? 

  • Both our outside play areas have an 8’ high fenced in area that is secured to bottom bars or strong railroad ties to prevent dogs from escaping. This inside and outside fence area is reviewed daily before beginning outside play by Staff, and then our Store Manager.  
  • No Dog is ever outside without a Staff person nearby. 
  • We have per code, one outside exit gate that has a Dog designed double gated exit box to prevent Dogs escaping.  

Will Pet Parents know what happens in their Dog's day?  

  • Staff is always available to review the Dogs day with Pet Parents. Staff will always try to give Pet Parents a glimpse of the Dogs day at checkout should they ask. Certain notes are given to the Front Staff on a Dogs day in the Dogs Profile. Our Staff is always available to converse on any Dogs visit. 

Can Staff use my at home commands with my Dog? 

  • Please let Staff know your primary commands, however in a group setting it is somewhat difficult remembering all the different Dogs at home commands. But we can try to do our best. 

What are Staffs emergency plan procedures? 

  • Staff is trained that in non-emergency or emergency situations, communicate with the Pet Parents is paramount. 
  • Staff is trained on emergency procedures and what to do if a pet needs immediate veterinarian care. 
  • Staff is trained in a natural emergency how to exit and relocate with the group of Dogs at a predesigned safe location.  
  • Staff is trained on treating minor bites, scratches or wounds not requiring veterinarian care.  
  • Staff are not trained veterinarians and are not able to give such professional advice. Any advice given is purely their opinion.  

In case of veterinarian care needed, how is this handled? 

  • If the dog needs immediate life-threatening veterinarian care we use either VCA Briarcliff or Blue Pearl on Howell Mill. In this situation the Pet Parent or Emergency Contact is alerted with instructions to approve care as we are transporting the pet. 
  • If the dog needs veterinarian care but is not life threating or immediate, the Pet Parent or Emergency Contact is alerted to the situation and asked to arrange pickup and transport to their veterinarian clinic. 

What are the risks of Dogs in Daycare group play?  

  • Pet Parents must understand and be comfortable with the many risks of placing their Dog in a group off leash setting. Bites, scratches, wounds, viruses, injury or worse are all possible in Dog group play. We do provide and keep Staff nearby to mitigate these issues and risks, but cannot totally prevent these them from happening.   

What vaccinations do you require for Dogs in Daycare? 

  • All Dogs must be current on the vaccinations. We require: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper. We highly recommend K9 Flu. 
  • We also require a complete medical history on all Dogs. 

Why do you require veterinarian records? 

  • We like to see the health side of your Dog and its history of care. When updating annual Dog vaccination dates we will require updated veterinarian records. This is for the overall safety of Staff and other Dogs in our care.  

Do you cover veterinarian expenses? 

  • TPS does not cover any veterinarian expenses.   

What contact information is required? 

  • We require a home, cell or secondary number, an emergency contact name and number who could step in if needed if there was an emergency or if the Pet Parent is out of town, and email address.  

Do Staff Temperament Test new dogs? 

  • To maintain a high level of care for all Dogs, we are selective of who we allow in our facility. The first step is to complete a Pet Application with a veterinarian record review. Then, a four-hour Temperament Test with Staff/Pet in different situations; kennel, group, obedience. Finally, time is allotted to review Q&A with Pet Parents on our care. 
  • We make sure we know the Dogs that are signed up for care. Dogs who don't socialize well because they have been abused in the past, because they are just older and want to be left alone, or because they are timid or anxious around other Dogs are often thrown into a daycare to alleviate the Dog of their fear or anxiety. This doesn't work well at all. 
  • Dogs we have not seen in a six-month span of time are required to temperament test again and resubmit veterinarian records.   

What is your philosophy on Pet Parent communications? 

  • Pet Parents are encouraged to sign up for email newsletter communication for updates, information or news. Or, by texting. These can be done through our web page or by texting TTJ to 578-277 
  • Communication is the key. We cannot communicate too much or in too many various forms. Using our website, pamphlets, booklets, newsletters both on line and in print, phone calls, texting, one on one discussions and visuals in the center, like announcement boards are all possibilities we use. 
  • One of the greatest offerings we have is a free time for Pet Parents to meet. Just like children in a class together, Pet Parents like to get to know the other Parents of their dog's daycare. Now that Covid is less of a problem we hope to return to having these again. 

What happens if a Dog’s behavior changes? 

  • It is normal as a Dog grows that their behavior will also grow. Should a Dogs behavior become such that they are no longer a good fit for group play, Staff will discuss this with the Pet Parent.  

What happens if I forget to pick up my pet or I am late to pick up my pet? 

  • Daycare dogs are checked into overnight boarding at appropriate kennel charges. 
  • Late pick up 1st time warning is usually given. After which a late fee of $15 per quarter hour is charged.  

What happens if my Dog injures another Dog, or another Dog injures my Dog? 

  • Pet Parents should be educated to the inherit risks of Dogs in group play. TPS provides as much supervision as possible, but cannot be responsible for bites, scratches, wounds or worse. Pet Parents handle their own veterinarian expenses or if warranted work it out with the other Pet Parent outside of TPS. 
  • Staff makes every effort to inform Pet Parents of minor or major injuries as soon as they are known, but sometimes they don’t see something happen. It is always best to physically check your pet before leaving each day.  
  • We typically use the three strikes rule before excluding any Dog from group play. However, in some cases it can be only one strike. 
  • Any Dog who bites a member of our Staff is expelled from Daycare and Boarding. 
  • We also learn which Dogs don’t like other Dogs and will try to group them accordingly.  

Can my Dog have Grooming or Boarding care with Daycare? 

  • Once a Dog is approved for Daycare they are also approved for Overnight Boarding care.  
  • Dogs may play before or after their Grooming Spa Services. 

What are the Daycare Hours? 

  • Daycare hours are posted on line or on the Daycare door. Exceptions to Regular Hours are updated through email and posted on Daycare door. 
  • We offer AM only group play, PM only group play as half a day, and all day play for both AM and PM group play. 
  • Sunday at 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30-5:00pm (pickup before 6:00pm).  
  • Monday to Saturday are 7:00am- 12:00pm and 1:30-6:30pm (pickup before 7:30pm) 

What are the prices for Daycare? 

  • All our prices and packages for care are posted on line at or rate cards are at the Front Counter, we offer package specials throughout the year via email or texting.   

What other benefits will my Dog have as a Daycare Dog?

  • We offer 10% Off Supplies and Foods on the day of any service. 
  • Our Packages offer many extras which can be reviewed on line. 

What happens if my Dog gets sick during the day?

  • We will contact you for instructions and most likely ask you to pick up of your Dog as soon as possible.  

What is Kennel Cough I hear about? 

  • Kennel Cough is an airborne pathogen or virus that is transmitted from one Dog to another. As much as we clean and are on the lookout for signs, it still happens. We have some Care Forms on this at the Front Counter. 
  • When any Pet Parent alerts us to their Dog having Kennel Cough, we will always email those Dogs in our care when the diagnosed Dog was there. Any Dog developing Kennel Cough cannot return for 30 days and must present a clean bill of health from their veterinarian before returning.  

Are Daycare Packages refundable or do the expire? 

  • Daycare Packages are refundable if the Pet Parent and Dog move out of state or if the Dog expires. We refund the Package and adjust for the number of days used at regular price.  
  • Daycare Packages expire one year after the first day of any package is used.  

Will you administer medications or feed my Dog during the day? 

  • We can administer oral medications only and we can arrange for a special feeding if the Pet Parent provides the special diet. 

Can my Dog attend Daycare with a cone, bandages or stitches? 

  • Yes, to a cone, No to bandages, stitches or casts. 

Must my pet be spayed or neutered?  

  • As of January 2023, we will require all new Dogs to be Spayed or Neutered. We will grandfather in current pets who are not Spayed or Neutered but only at the Pet Parents risk.   

Will my Dog have fresh water?  

  • Yes! We provide tap and spring water during the day with multiple clean bowls throughout the facility.  

Can my Dog bring his bed or toys? 

  • Usually not a great idea to bring toys or beds to Daycare. Nap mat for nap time are welcomed. 

What are your procedures for Drop Off and Pick Ups? 

  • All Dogs are checked in and out through the Front Counter. Dogs are given a neck ID band to play.  
  • All Dogs can have a primary and secondary and emergency contact on their profile to be released to at pick up. If someone other than those three are to pick up your Dog, please set this up with the Front Staff so there are no awkward situations at pickup. If anything changes, please alert the Front Staff. 
  • We offer curb side drop off and pickup. Text us upon arrival, we will be right out.  

What happens if the power goes off? 

  • Each situation is different and depending upon those situations a Dog can continue to play or be kenneled. 

Can I bring my families visiting Dog to Daycare with my Dog?

  • All Dogs must submit a Daycare Application, pass our temperament test and have the Dogs veterinarian records reviewed.  

What do you use to clean your facility? 

  • All our cleaning products are Dog safe, a list can be provided should you need to know. 

Why do you have kennel crates and not large runs? 

  • At the moment we are using kennel crates for nap and overnight care which are size appropriate for Dogs. We do have plans for larger more elaborate kenneling, with Covid things were placed on hold.  

Can I come in to the Daycare play area? 

  • Only Staff is permitted in the Daycare play area, for the safety of all other Dogs we have to restrict this access.  

Why did you cover the front windows of your Daycare? 

  • We felt a more private play was better for Dogs. Rude people would tap or knock on the window and it seemed to cause stress to Staff and Dogs.  

Why do you not let Dogs wear their collars? 

  • Tags and collars can get hung up on fence, crates or be something another dog could pull on.  

Can I bring my cat to Daycare? 

  • Absolutely not. (for humor to see if you were paying attention). 

What activities do you have in your Daycare? 

  • We pull together different activities based upon Staffing and the Dogs in our care. Some of the past popular activities were puzzles conquests and ice cream socials. Ideas are always welcomed.