PureLUXE Citi-Style Citi-Style Pop-up Bowl

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The PureLuxe Collapsible Travel Dog & Cat Bowl is perfect for those who love to go on adventures or simply to take along with you on a long walk. It is collapsible so it is extremely portable and super convenient.  It can easily attached to  your belt or to the leash so you always have it ready to use when your pet gets thirsty.  So whether it is a long car trip, a walk on the beach or some rugged mountain trails, you will be ready when you need it.  PureLuxe Collapsible Dog and Cat Bowl is made from premium food-grade silicone, that is durable and stylish.  It collapses completely flat to easily store anywhere so make sure to have a spare in your car at all time in case of an emergency.  It hold 1.5 cup of water (355ml) and is 5 inch in diameter and 2 inches high, so the perfect size for both small and larger dogs or even a thirsty cat.

Key Benefits

  • Collapsible and super portable ready for any adventure you may want to go on with your pet.
  • Will holds food or water for dogs or cats of any size.
  • Folds flat so make sure to always keep one or two in your car.
  • Made from premium food-grade silicone, that is  easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Stylish with two colors available and with a carabiner to easily attach it to anything

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