Daycare w/ Rates: 1 Pet

Daycare w/ Rates: 1 Pet

Daily Rate: 1 Pet

  • $29.00
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Your pet will just love the wonderful play space we have created for them at The Pet Set, located at 2480 Briarcliff Road Atlanta GA 30329.

An indoor area, climate controlled of course, allows your dog to play and mix with other pets that have the same temperament. Our outdoor areas will allow your pet to get outside for some fresh air in a totally fenced in park like setting, complete with a play-time plunge pool (summer only).

All pets are always supervised by a pet care professional and are never left unattended. We separate pets by sizes and temperament into play areas. We limit our pet guests to small groups so we can give the one on one attention they deserve (think private school).

If you are interested in our Daycare Program, please fill out the on-line Daycare Application. Ask your veterinarian to fax or email your pets complete medical history Fax 404-636-4903 or Email Once we receive your application we will verify all the information that is provided by you and schedule an interview with you and your pet.

During the interview we will cover all our policies and procedures with you, answer all your questions, give you a tour of our facility, and provide you with the release paperwork.

After this interview we will schedule your pet for a 2 to 4 hour temperament trial period with other pets. Once you are approved for Daycare, you will have a K9 Passport to use when making your future Daycare appointments online or by telephone.

Please note that Daycare Services are only offered at our Briarcliff Road location. For more details call us at 404-633-8755.

1 Pet
Daily $29
Half Day $18
Hourly $12
Sat. & Sun. $20


Daycare Hours

Monday - Saturday:

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM; pick up before 7:30 PM. Nap and Lunch Time is from Noon to 2:00 PM


10:00 AM to 4:30 PM; pick up before 5:00 PM

Early drop-offs and extended time available with advance notice!