Davis No Chew Deterring Spray

Davis Manufacturing

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Bitter spray deters biting, licking and chewing

  • Won't sting when used directly on the pet for sores, hot spots, bandages, paws and tails
  • Ideal for use on furniture, wood, drapery and upholstery (spot-testing recommended)
  • For Dogs, Puppies and Horses

  • Davis No Chew
     discourages undesirable fur biting, licking and chewing habits.  This powerful taste deterrent coats surfaces with a bitter flavor, creating an unpleasant experience that effectively prevents the unwanted behavior.  It helps eliminate chewing on hot spots, sores, bandages, paws, tails, manes, furniture, wood and drapery.  Davis No Chew’s water-based formula will not sting when applied.

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