Mobile Grooming

The Pet Set offers mobile grooming spa services right to your front door. Our professional staff of groomers bring their skills to you.

Mobile grooming offers you and your pet a one on one personal alternative method to bringing your pet into the spa at The Pet Set. Instead we bring the spa to you! The convenience of having us coming to you offers your pet the ultimate in spa services from The Pet Set.

We accept for NEW Clients ages 14 Weeks to 12 Years. If we have serviced your pet and they age into over 12 years we will still be happy to service your pet. Some of our mobile groomer have weight restrictions, but most can handle up to 75lb. We do not do pets with double coats in mobile, such as Huskies or Samoyeds. We do not do felines.

Our philosophy is to offer a stress free grooming experience for your pet. We pay special attention to older pets and pets with health issues. The pet's safety and comfort are our first priority. We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that we think is excessive. This includes nail trimming in some situations. Senior pets are groomed for cleanliness and comfort.

Our professional staff with proper credentials and visible identification will arrive in our well marked state of the art brand new Mercedes Benz mobile spa at the appointed timeframe you have arranged for, to the closest accessibility to your front door.

You and your pet are welcome to tour the mobile spa prior to services beginning. The groomer will meet with you and your pet to spend whatever time is needed to understand your concerns and desires for the services before beginning. If you are unable to meet the groomer they will call you at a convenient time to speak with you before your pets services. They will offer their advice and possibilities of what they can and cannot do based upon the condition of your pets skin and coat. They will also give you an exact price before beginning any services.

The pet will be leashed and escorted to the mobile spa and secured inside in the climate controlled mobile spa before beginning. We ask that the owners not remain with the pet as the groomer needs your pet's full attention.

Depending upon the services requested the groomer and pet will be together for a few hours, so feel free to run some errands, read a book, or takes a leisure walk. If you leave let us know so we can call you when we are close to finishing. Our groomers are on a schedule and having to wait extra time for your return can result in a waiting fee. Once we are finished we will review our work with you and make any recommendations to you or your assigned agent. If needed, they will make any alterations before leaving. Once we leave we cannot return so it is important to be available for the finishing checkout.

Our Areas of Mobile Spa Service

The Pet Set Mobile Spa will operate from a base at our main store, 2480 Briarcliff Road 30329 at a radius of about 5-7 miles of Fulton and DeKalb counties. Exceptions can be made case by case, so it never hurts to call and ask.

Our Mobile Spa Appointments and Reservations

All mobile grooming is done by advance appointments, we cannot do next day services and tend to be booked 3-5 days out. First time and returning appointments can be made online at, under mobile grooming. This is the fastest and easiest way to schedule. Returning clients now can always text us for a service.

Appointment times can be adjusted but we will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible, however, sometimes situations occur that will disrupt the daily schedule of the groomer. This includes traffic, weather, and mechanical difficulties, spending more time with an older/younger or difficult pet. The pet's safety will never be compromised by rushing to meet a schedule. You will be called and advised of an arrival time when schedules change beyond our control.

Usually we mobile everyday 8:00-6:00

Depending on any pets temperament, size, and complexity of the groom, the process will take approximately 1 - 1-1/2 hour(s) per animal. Standard Poodles and other large breeds can take 2 hours or more. All grooming will be done in the mobile grooming van.

Our Mobile Spa Reservations

Please use our online grooming reservations at

Once we have found a spot for your service we will text, call or email you the date of service and the block of time you are in. We will text the day before to also confirm your appointment before releasing the service to the groomer to route and set up an arrival time with you. You will be provided the groomers number to contact for any questions. Mobile grooming requires a degree of flexibility as we are working with so many unknowns; traffic, breeds, other clients, weather, and a mechanical creature that has a mind of its own.

Canine Mobile Spa Bathing Service

Includes a full coat brush out, shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands (if requested), face, feet & tail trimming, (teeth brushing if they let us) and breath spray, cologne bow or bandanna.

Canine Mobile Spa Haircut Service

Includes a full coat brush out, shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands (if requested), teeth brushing (if they let us) breath spray, hair cut on the body, cologne bow or bandanna.

Maintenance or Non Maintenance

For all clients we offer regular maintenance pricing. To set up a regular Maintenance Program speak with your pet's groomer to establish a set repeating appointment (example every four weeks). The groomer will establish a reduced Maintenance price for each of your pets as long as the client maintains the repeating program. The Maintenance program can begin on the second visit, and we require at least 3 future appointments under your profile at all times. If the client cancels or is a no show, we return to the regular price until the client can return to the program.

Healthy Pet Requirements

Pets grooming with us must be current on their shots:

For dogs: Rabies and Bordetella

Examples of Canine Mobile Spa Price "Ranges"

These are examples of expected price ranges base only on weight.

  Canine Mobile Spa Bathing Canine Mobile Spa Haircut
Small Dog (25lb or less) $50-$79 $69-$89
Medium Dog (26lb-40lb) $69-$89 $79-$99
Large Dog (41lb- 60lb) $79-$99 $89-$110
X Large Dog (61lb plus) $89 – up $110 – up


Price is based upon breed, size, length of coat, condition of scalp and attitude. We cannot quote an exact price without first seeing your pet.

For a specific price quote for your pet(s) please call 404-633-8755 or email our reservation team at You are also welcome to bring your pet by one of our spas for a price range quote.

Since every pet is unique and special final prices may be more if your pet will require additional time from our staff. Our absolute minimum for services is $50.00.

 Examples of Specific K9 Mobile Spa Breed Price Ranges

Common Breed Prices

These are examples of prices by breed for mobile services (not in spa services) but the actual price is determined by size, length and condition of coat along with time to complete the necessary service. An exact price will be given to you before we begin.

Remember Clients with Regular Standing Appointments will have a special price, ask your groomer about this service.

Non-maintenance dogs will be charged according to the time taken to groom which may be more than shown.

Breed Bathing Only Bath with Haircut
Airedale Terrier $79 + $89 +
Alaskan Malamute $99 + $110 +
Australian Shepherd $89 + $110 +
Bassett Hound $59 +  
Bichon Frise $69 + $85 +
Border Collie $79 + $89 +
Bouvier $89 + $110 +
Boxer $69  
Bulldog $59  
Cairn Terrier $59 + $79 +
Cavalier King Charles $69 + $59 +
Chihuahua $49 + $59 +
Cock-a-Poo $59 + $79 +
Cocker Spaniel $69 + $79 +
Collie $89 + $99 +
Corgi $59 + $69 +
Dachshund $49 + $69 + long haired
Dalmation $69 +  
Doberman Pinscher $79 +  
German Shepherd $79 + $89 +
Golden Retriever $79 + $89 +
Greyhound $69 +  
Havanese $69 + $79 +
Husky $79 + $89 +
$59 +  
Jack Russell Terrier $59 + $59
Keeshond $89 + $89 +
Labrador Retriever $79 + $89 +
Lhasa Apso $59 + $69 +
Maltese $59 + $69 +
Old English Sheepdog $89 + $99 +
Pekingese $59 + $69 +
Pomeranian $59 + $69 +
Pointer $79 + $89 +
Poodle – Toy $55 + $65 + *
Poodle – Miniature $60 + $65 + *
Poodle – Standard $79 + $99 + *
Pug $59  
Rhodesian Ridgeback $69 + $89 +
Rottweiler $79 + $89 +
Samoyed $89 + $89 +
Schnauzer – Mini $59 + $69 +
Schnauzer – Standard $79 + $79 +
Schnauzer – Giant $89 + $89 +
Scottie $59 + $69 +
Setter (English, Irish, Gordon) $79 + $89 +
Sheltie $89 + $89 +
Shih Tzu $59 + $69 +
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier $79 + $89 +
Springer Spaniel $79 + $89 +
Westie $59 + $69 +
Wire Fox Terrier $55 + $79 +
Yorkie $59 + $69 +


* Poodle pricing varies greatly depending on the length of the body coat and style of cut.